Physical Education Class 11 Latest Syllabus 2023-24


Physical Education Class 11 Latest Syllabus 2023-24

Unit 1 Changing Trends & Career in Physical Education [5marks + 4 (value-based question)]
1. Concept, Aims & Objectives of Physical Education
2. Development of Physical Education in India – Post Independence
3. Changing Trends in Sports- playing surface, wearable gear and sports equipment, technological advancements
4. Career options in Physical Education
5. Khelo-India Program\ and Fit – India Program

Unit 2 Olympism Value Education 
1. Olympism – Concept and Olympics Values (Excellence, Friendship & Respect)
2. Olympic Value Education – Joy of Effort, Fair Play, Respect for Others, Pursuit of Excellence, Balance Among Body, Will & Mind
3. Ancient and Modern Olympics
4. Olympics - Symbols, Motto, Flag, Oath, and Anthem
5. Olympic Movement Structure - IOC, NOC, IFS, Other members

Unit 3 Yoga
1. Meaning and importance of Yoga 
2. Introduction to Astanga Yoga 
3. Yogic Kriyas (Shat Karma) 
4. Pranayama and its types. 
5. Active Lifestyle and stress management through Yoga

Unit 4 Physical Education & Sports for CWSN 
1. Concept of Disability and Disorder 
2. Types of Disability, its causes & nature (Intellectual disability, Physical disability). 
3. Disability Etiquette 
4. Aim and objectives of Adaptive Physical Education. 
5. Role of various professionals for children with special needs (Counselor, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Physical Education Teacher, Speech Therapist, and Special Educator)

Unit 5 Physical Fitness, Wellness, and Lifestyle
1. Meaning & importance of Wellness, Health, and Physical Fitness. 
2. Components/Dimensions of Wellness, Health, and Physical Fitness 
3. Traditional Sports & Regional Games for promoting wellness 
4. Leadership through Physical Activity and Sports
5. Introduction to First Aid – PRICE

Unit 6 Test, Measurement & Evaluation
1. Define Test, Measurements and Evaluation. 
2. Importance of Test, Measurements and Evaluation in Sports. 
3. Calculation of BMI, Waist – Hip Ratio, and Skin fold measurement (3-site) 
4. Somato Types (Endomorphy, Mesomorphy & Ectomorphy) 
5. Measurements of health-related fitness

Unit 7 Fundamentals of Anatomy, Physiology & Kinesiology in Sports
1. Definition and importance of Anatomy and Physiology in Exercise and Sports. 
2. Functions of Skeletal System, Classification of Bones, and Types of Joints. 
3. Properties and Functions of Muscles. 
4. Structure and Functions of Circulatory System and Heart. 
5. Structure and Functions of Respiratory System.

Unit 8 Fundamentals Of Kinesiology And Biomechanics in Sports
1. Definition and Importance of Kinesiology and Biomechanics in Sports. 
2. Principles of Biomechanics 
3. Kinetics and Kinematics in Sports 
4. Types of Body Movements - Flexion, Extension, Abduction, Adduction, Rotation, Circumduction, Supination & Pronation 
5. Axis and Planes – Concept and its application in body movements

Unit 9 Psychology and Sports
1. Definition & Importance of Psychology in Physical Education & Sports; 
2. Developmental Characteristics at Different Stages of Development;
3. Adolescent Problems & their Management; 
4. Team Cohesion and Sports; 
5. Introduction to Psychological Attributes: Attention, Resilience, Mental Toughness 

Unit 10 Training & Doping in Sports
1. Concept and Principles of Sports Training 
2. Training Load: Over Load, Adaptation, and Recovery 
3. Warming-up & Limbering Down – Types, Method & Importance 
4. Concept of Skill, Technique, Tactics & Strategies 
5. Concept of Doping and its disadvantages

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