Physical Education Chapter 6 Notes - Class 12 - Women and Sports

Women and Sports

Based on the latest revised syllabus of 2020-21
(Many Topic has been removed in this year syllabus)

Chapter 6 Notes of Class 12 Physical Education with PDF

Sports Participation of Women in India

Participation of women in sports has a long history.

⁍ Women were not allowed even to watch the sports in ancient Olympics

⁍ In the first modern Olympics in 1896 in Athens, there was no women's participation.

⁍ In 1900, 22 Women participated in two sports events. In 1904, 6 women participates in three sports events.

⁍ In the 2000 Sydney Olympics, 4069 women participated out of 10,500 total participants, accounting for 38.2 percent of the total participants.

⁍ Participation of Indian women in the Olympics is much low compared to the global average.

⁍ in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 10,700 sportspersons from 205 countries participated out of which 4637 were women accounting for 42.4 percent, but only 26 women from India participated in that Olympics.

⁍ In the 2012 London Olympics, only 23 Indian women participated out of 4862 total women participants. (Total Participants were 10,960 from 205 countries).

⁍ Karnam Malleshwari became the first Indian woman to get a bronze medal in weightlifting in the Sydney Olympics of 2000.

⁍ In the 2012 London Olympics, Saina Nehwal and MC Mary Kom secured one bronze medal each.

⁍ There is a long list of Indian women sportspersons who have won various positions in World cups, Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Asian games, etc. among these are Sania Mirza, Geeta Phogat, Babita Phogat, Deepika Kumari, Anju b George, Ankita das, PT Usha, etc.

⁍ Gender Inequality in sports is clearly evident. Women are not provided equal opportunities as their male counterparts. Our Social Environment makes men's participation in sports easier and women's participation in sports harder. This difference can be seen by the facilities and programs given to girls in schools and colleges as compared to boys.

⁍ Even Mary Kom’s father objected to her boxing because he thought that it would spoil her face and ruin her marriage prospects. 

⁍ In Haryana, women wrestlers have to face verbal attacks from the villagers. PT Usha, one of the greatest athletes of India of all time, had to share a room with five other women during the national open athletic championship in 2009. Also, The women players of the national cricket team and hockey team are not provided equal facilities and monetary benefits compared to their male counterparts.

⁍ This discrimination can also be seen in the field of media. Our Women Kabaddi team won the world cup but not given air time on electronic and print media.

⁍ However, time is changing and the situation is improving. Women's participation in sports is increasing year by year. But there is still scope for great Improvement. There may be several reasons for less participation of women in sports.

Reasons for Less Participation of Women in Sports

1. Male-dominated culture of sports.

2. Lack of time- The majority of women have less leisure time than men because of the greater responsibility for household work.

3. Lack of Self Confidence- Because of social pressure, women have less self-confidence than males. Less confidence is very important for sports competitions.

4. Lack of Spectators and Less coverage of Women’s Sports- There are fewer spectators in women's sports than men's sports and also, women's sports are not broadcasted on TV channels. Directly or indirectly, these things affect the participation of women in sports.

5. Lack of personal safety

6. Lack of proper access to facilities

7. Less number of women coaches- Women feel comfortable in the company of female coaches for their training. Increasing the no. of women coaches will increase women's participation in sports.

8. Attitude of society towards Women’s participation in sports- It is said, “Why don’t they stay in the kitchen, where they belong”. The attitude of society plays a vital role in the participation of women in sports.

9. Lack of Legislation- In India, there is a lack of legislation that will prevent discrimination and provide equal aid to women to participate in sports at all levels.

10. Lack of Awareness Among women- There are a lot of false notions prevail and some become victim of baseless & imaginative misconception rampant in our society. For example- It is believed that - women who participate in sports face a lot of problems at the time of childbirth, their bones become weak, and their femininity is also at risk. These are all lies and are not based on facts.


Physical Education Chapter 6 Notes - Class 12 - Women and Sports

So, These were the notes of chapter 6- women and sports of Health and Physical Education. the notes are based on the latest revised syllabus Given by CBSE and the topics which are not in this year's syllabus have been removed.

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